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    Saturday, July 26, 2008

    Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC - The Cambie Hostel

    Today I cycled from Duncan to Nanaimo, about 75 km. It rained hard in the morning on this region of the island, so some of the road was muddy and, being without a front fender, my legs got covered.

    Along the way I stopped in Crofton, got some fruit. At the grocery store, I met a little boy on a bike and we chatted a while. I gave him some change to buy water balloons to throw at his teenage sister from his 2nd story window when she comes home from work.

    Right upon leaving Crofton, I came up upon a cycle-touring Netherlander couple by the names of At and Clara. They were cycling from Crofton to Ladysmith, a town about 20 km shy of my destination, Nanaimo. So we cycled together for that distance, talked, and even got a drink at a cafe along the way.

    When I got into Nanaimo around 6, I got a room at "The Cambie" hostel -- I paid just $20 for a 6-bed dorm room which was empty! I took advantage of this luxury with a nice, long hot bath.

    Tomorrow, I will be taking the ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver -- Yes! finally I will be on the mainland!

    1 comment:

    Marcio von Muhlen said...

    Sean, you are amazing...Next time I'm coming with you. Cycle on!!!!